National Pain Week – 25-31 July 2021

National Pain Week Events Mon 26th – Friday 30 July!!
We are holding three informative lunchtime talks with Q and A during this special week.
We will use Zoom for your Covid safe participation. If you are not familiar with Zoom and wish to attend, just call us – see under Registration below. Each event requires registration.

  1. What does Arthritis/Pain Support/ MECFS offer to help people with persisting pain?  + Q and A

When: Monday 26th July at 12.30pm
Speaker: Rebecca Davey  Bec is the Chief Executive Officer of  Build a Better Me (Arthritis/ Pain Support/MECFS).  She is also a qualified and experienced nurse.  She has significantly expanded the BBM services and added an increased focus on how professionals and individuals themselves can help manage with the pain associated with these conditions.
She is the perfect person to update everyone on the range of services Build a Better Me now offers for people dealing with persisting pain.
Registration: Essential

  1. Soft Tissue Therapy, Dru Yoga and Persisting Pain + Q and A

When: Tuesday 27th July at 12.30pm
Speaker: Tracey Rowe  Tracey Rowe is a soft tissue therapist and Dru Yoga teacher, with a special interest in chronic pain. Tracy will be speaking on how massage and gentle movement can help alleviate the musculoskeletal sources of pain that can sometimes be overlooked because they are not apparent on a scan or blood test.
Tracey works in a multidisciplinary chronic pain clinic and a soft tissue therapy clinic in Canberra. She has a wealth of experience and a list of qualifications as long as your arm, apart from her original Advanced Diploma!
She thus has a big toolkit to assess the often multi-layered and complex nature of chronic pain or pain issues. She informs and helps people understand the nervous system, and the role and implication of persisting pain, sensitisation and stress in the body.  She uses hands-on manual therapy and easy, slow & mindful movement to facilitate balance in the structures of the physical body, decrease pain, and increase function, awareness, confidence and freedom.
Registration: Essential,

  1. Chronic Pain Medication – Friend or Foe?  + Q and A

When: Thursday 29th July at 1pm
Speaker: Rick Lord.  Rick will look at the broad spectrum of medications used to treat chronic pain, including different types of pain and groups of drugs used to treat certain conditions, including analgesics, NSAIDS, opioids, antidepressants, immune-suppressants, methotrexate and hydroxychloroquine.
Rick studied Pharmacy at Sydney Uni and did an Honours year in Pharmacology then Health Administration at Uni NSW. He has worked in hospital, retail and government pharmacy roles and started a Master of Dementia course with Uni Tasmania 2 years ago. He has a long-term interest in the treatment of chronic pain and, as an arthritis and backpain sufferer himself, knows the problems of managing everyday chronic pain.

Registration: Essential


Take Charge of Pain

How does pain impact on your life?
How does life impact on your pain?
The course, presented by our staff team, offers you the opportunity to spend some time looking at your world and seeing how you can manage pain from many different angles.
Topics covered include:

What is pain – difference between acute and chronic pain
Finding ways to reduce pain – pacing, modifying and diversion
Understanding how to make these changes
Using your medications in the best possible ways
Think positively… and much more!

This program is being offered as a one day (approximately 4.5 hours) program face to face.

Friday 22nd October 

10am – 2:30pm
Lunch is included.
Cost: $40 members, $80 for non-members.
Registration is essential – or phone 1800 011 041

This session will be held in BRUCE Building 170 Haydon Drive, Bruce.