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Pain Support ACT

Pain Support ACT (PSACT) was an ACT community organisation assisting Canberra region people living with chronic pain, their families and carers.  This separate body has now closed, but its work continues.

Arthritis ACT now includes the work of Pain Support ACT, whose members have transferred to it.  Arthritis ACT now assists all Canberrans with persisting pain of any kind, not just arthritis or musculoskeletal painPain Support is the stream of Arthritis ACT  continuing the work of looking after people with many kinds of chronic pain.

This site shows some of the work now being undertaken in Canberra for people with all kinds of chronic pain whilst the Arthritis ACT site is reframed.  

Please also access the Arthritis ACT website* to see a wide range of relevant services also available to Pain Support and all members of Arthritis ACT. 

For any enquiries, call 1800 011 041.